Melissa Bachman has brought an issue between people all over social media by uploading a picture of her with her fine kill of a male lion in South Africa.


I would like to address all of the people bashing her for doing such a “cruel’ and “sick” act towards the “helpless” animal.

First of all, Miss Bachman is a professional huntress with her own TV show and is very successful. She has legal licenses to hunt the lions in South America (costing her…

You are a disgusting person, and don’t let anyone tell you different!

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Melissa Bachman


The name may sound familiar to some of you that have been reading the story about a woman who had her picture taken next to a hunted lion. Melissa Bachman is an avid hunter and host of the tv show “Deadly Passion.” Recently, there has been a huge uproar on the Internet about this woman and how…

You are full of shit

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“Joe, the Octopus and the Nation.” by tom_furse on Instagram

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